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Tips for family traveling from a Newborn Care Specialist and Mom of 2

My 5 Tips for Packing and Traveling with a Newborn, Infant or Young Children

Flying with a client, pictured Isabel 8 months old.

Heading out of town with a baby or young children in tow? Whether it's a staycation in the same city, a roadtrip up the coast, or a flight across the country, I've got you covered!

As a mom of young kids, and having traveled with clients, I'm going to give you some of my tried and true tips and product recommendations to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Let me help you avoid some common family travel speed bumps.

Tip #1 - Keep things handy

I've heard tales of bottles being packed in checked luggage, running out of diapers mid-flight and lost pacifiers. With that being said, I always recommend having the items you will need (enough plus a bit more!) to feed and change your baby on you or nearby at all times.

This means keeping bottles, formula, water, diapers, wipes, pacifier and any other essentials close and accessible. Having these items within arms reach (near the front seat of the car, or in a carry-on bag tucked beneath your seat on a flight), will make responding to your baby's needs easier. Having an organized system of where things go can help avoid rummaging through your bag looking for items. I love this pacifier holder, keeps them clean and easy to access!

Tip #2 - Wear that baby...and your wallet!

Wearing baby in a baby carrier when you're on the go can be an amazing way to keep baby close while allowing your hands to be free. This is especially helpful when traveling through an airport, or anywhere else where things are fast-paced and you can't risk misplacing anything. A waist/belt bag can help keep important items on you at all times as well. Big enough to tuck in your phone, cash, small wallet, passport, keys, etc.

"Approximately 90,000 to 100,000 items are left behind at checkpoints each month." – TSA

Tip #3 - Put in the work

The more work you do in advance to prepare and organize your baby's gear, the easier it will be to grab what you need in a pinch and avoid rummaging through the trunk at a rest stop. I love to organize items by task: diaper/clothing changes, feeding, toys, cleaning, etc. These packing cubes and travel pouches are a personal favorite!

I also love to have a portable changing pad stocked with diapers, wipes and a change of clothing to grab for quick changes on-the-go. Pack extra in case you end up with a longer than estimated layover, get stuck in traffic or just have more than anticipated diaper changes.

And I always recommend a travel sound machine to help drown out the ambient noise, helping your little one catch a few z’s on the road or in the air. My favorite one is super small, lightweight and easy to charge.

My youngest, Carter at 3 months, on a road trip up the California coast.

Tip #4 - Travel strollers worth the splurge!

A lightweight, compact stroller that adapts to your infant car seat is also another helpful item to bring with you on your journey. This will make zipping through airports and roadtrip stops easy peasy. A car seat and stroller-in-one, like the Doona, have the added bonus of having the stroller built-in and accessible at the touch of button, and is FAA approved.

Tip #5 - Pack all the snacks

Depending on your babe's age, you may need snacks or possibly a meal to hold you baby over until you reach your destination. Be prepared for possible delays, extra hunger or fussiness from boredom. As space permits, I recommend packing double what you anticipate your child eating. Shelf stable items like pouches, crackers and teething biscuits are great! But if you'd prefer to offer fresh food items, an insulated cooler bag is really helpful. I love these Disney print ones too!

Now you're ready to travel the world, baby in tow!

Remember: be sure to do the work in advance, pack extra (but don't go overboard!), keep things organized and accessible, and you'll be ready to hit the road in no time!

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