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Newborn Consultation

An in-home consultation once baby has arrived, to review any questions or concerns through hands-on education.

​In this 3 hour in-home consultation once you've had your baby, we will cover anything you'd like to discuss. This is generally within the first 6 weeks. Topics and hands-on tasks together may include:

  • Feeding Baby - breast or bottle feeding support

  • General Baby Care - diaper/clothing changes, swaddling, bathing, etc.

  • Sleep Trouble-Shooting - helping set healthy sleep foundations, guidance on naps and helping to make nursery/co-sleeping arrangements efficient to promote quality sleep for all

  • Guidance on 

    Products - reviewing how to use various baby gear (breast pump, sterilizer, video monitor, etc.)
  • Babywearing: Practicing wearing baby in a carrier or wrap you may have, or one of mine

This 3 hour consultation typically allows for 1 feed and 1 nap to work together. I try not to make these too long as parents often are tired! This consultation also includes 2 weeks of phone/text support for follow-up questions.

Newborn Consultation: $450*

*travel fees may apply

Please reach out to schedule, availability is on a "first come - first serve basis" and is limited.

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