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Parents with Newborn Baby

BABY CARE 101 - Expecting Parents

It’s easier when you know what to expect!

​In this 4 hour customized class, we will cover:

  • Getting Ready for Baby - How to Prepare the Home and Nursery

  • Life After Baby - Recovery from Birth, Managing Relationships

  • Your Amazing New Baby - Appearance, Reflexes, Cues

  • Caring For, Feeding and Soothing Your New Baby

  • Breastfeeding - Latch, Positions and Tricks

  • Creating a Secure Attachment, Brain Development and Growth Spurts

  • Safety - SIDS, Crying, Room Sharing VS. Bedsharing


Group Class $295

Private In-Home Class $395*

*travel fees may apply

Group classes are held in Orange, Ca or can be hosted at a private residence. If you're interested in hosting a class, please email me to discuss availability.

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